Tribe of Noise's world premiere, PRO for Professionals

6,500 Musicians and composers ready to connect

Tribe of Noise - finalist of The Next Web Paypal X Startup Rally - launched a brand new set of tools for professionals in need for pre cleared music. Tribe of Noise PRO combines an advanced music search engine with a virtual briefing center. 6,500 Musicians and composers are ready to collaborate with professionals in need for great music for video productions, tv series, corporate presentations, ad campaigns or video games.
While working on a video production a couple of years ago, the two founders of Tribe of Noise encountered a major challenge: finding real music from a real band (not stock music) to spice up their video. "We were confronted with many copyright issues and procedures that limit the use of music, increase production costs and slow down your time to market", explains Sandra Brandenburg.

"We wondered why there are social communities like Flickr who are able to effectively support professionals to find beautiful images and connect with photographers worldwide, but no equivalent community streamlining my production process and giving me the tools to gain access to pre-cleared music and talented musicians?", adds Hessel van Oorschot,

Advertisement agencies, television production companies, game & mobile app developers demonstrated the real value of Tribe of Noise over the last 2 years. And 6,500 talented composers and musicians joined and are ready to share music and collaborate.

Our clients are amazed by the quality of the music. Common misconception is that our Tribe members are only young artists at the beginning of their career. In fact it's an interesting mix of young new talent and veterans who have won industry awards, who are recognized by many professionals in different industries already and are motivated to discover new ways of getting exposure and making money the 2.0 way.

"With the launch of Tribe of Noise PRO we help professionals to save time and money, we support the music industry with online business opportunities and enable artists to connect with businesses in need for music." 

Hessel concludes: "PRO should be their new home page, it's that simple".

"I found music quickly and easily, and it seemed like a dream come true for our company! I found the songs, downloaded music, discussed the different kinds of license (which is all described quite clearly on the site) and voila we had music!!" Barbara Siragusa, producer and VP of ElectricBear Studios
"The quality of the music we are hearing is fantastic. I'm turning my friends - who are video producers - on to Tribe of Noise. A great product at a lot less. " Gary Platt, co-founder of Full Sail University, The Recording Workshop, and Ex'pression College
"I'm really excited that Tribe of Noise is using a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. It's really innovative and forward looking to enable commercial use of music gain exposure for musicians." Mike Linksvayer, VP Creative Commons
About Tribe of Noise PRO

About Tribe of Noise
Tribe of Noise, based in the Netherlands, connects talented musicians and composers online with businesses around the world in need for great, all rights included, music. Today, Tribe of Noise represents over 10,000 artists from 144 countries. The ground breaking concept is designed to connect the creativity of talented artists with media professionals who are seeking great music for their projects. Tribe of Noise eliminates the need for music publishers, labels, and management organizations, while maintaining an easy-to-use and transparent platform that allows musicians and professionals to connect directly. For more information, please visit Tribe of Noise at or follow Tribe of Noise on Twitter @tribeofnoise

Over Tribe of Noise
Tribe of Noise is de online muziekcommunity die muzikanten helpt aansluiting te vinden bij het bedrijfsleven. Bedrijven op zoek naar rechten-inclusieve muziek voor in media projecten. Tribe of Noise vertegenwoordigd momenteel meer dan 10,000 artiesten uit 144 landen. Meer informatie over Tribe of Noise is te vinden op of volg ons op Twitter @tribeofnoise